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WPCNJ Elects New Board President

The Women's Political Caucus hosted its Annual Meeting on Tuesday evening.  Thank you to Assembly Budget Chairwoman Eliana Pintor Marin for sharing her wisdom and helping ensure that women's voices are present throughout state government. 
2019-2020 WPCNJ Board of Directors 
Special thanks to outgoing president Chrissy Buteas for all her years of service. Under her leadership, the WPCNJ organization has grown both financially and in membership. WPCNJ welcomes incoming president Jennifer Mancuso, Executive Director of the Fair Share Hospitals Collaborative.  

The meeting marked the addition of 
two new board members: 
* Jayne O'Connor, Vice President of Taft Communications  
* Scarlett Rajski, Director of Legislative Affairs at the New Jersey Schools Development Authority  
Sharon Shinkle Gardner, Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Daniel Benson,  was also sworn in as the new WPCNJ PAC Chairwoman   
Thanks to Asw. Nancy Pinkin for swearing in the 2019-2020 board members and for Asw Verlina Reynolds-Jackson for joining us. 
2019-2010 WPCNJ Executive Board & WPCNJ Board

WPCNJ Executive Board 
President, Jennifer Mancuso
VP of Finance, Kelly Stewart Maer
VP of Membership, Jodi Bouer, Esq.
Treasurer, Elizabeth Murray
Secretary, Sonia Das

WPCNJ Board Members
Jade Bechelli
Rosemary Bernardi
Chrissy Buteas
Flora Castillo
Lisa Chapland, Esq.
Tai Cooper
Marilyn Davis
Eileen Della Volle
Jeanne Fox, Esq.
Deborah Hurley
Lisa Mizrahi Kaado
Eileen Kean, Esq.
Jennie Lamon
Jeannine LaRue
Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq.
Jayne O’Connor
Scarlett Rajski
Antonia Ricigliano
Patricia Teffenhart
Joyce Watterman
Sharon Weiner, Esq.
Pamela Yuen

Board Counsel
Rebecca Moll-Freed, Esq.
Alix James, Esq.
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