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WPCNJ Announces Endorsement of Candidates for 2013 Legislative Races

On Thursday, October 17th, the Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey (WPCNJ) announced the endorsement of candidates for the November 2013 Legislative race.

Flanked by women from both sides of the aisle including: Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, Senator Diane Allen, Senator Linda Greenstein, Senator Loretta Weinberg, District 18 Assembly Candidate Nancy Pinkin(D), District 25 Senate candidate Maureen Castriotta (I), and District 26 Senate candidate Avery Ann Hart (D), WPCNJ Political Resource Director Shari Weiner announced that the WPCNJ is endorsing thirty-six women in their bids to win seats in the state Senate and Assembly.

“Politically, women make up more than 50% of the population, however, their elected representation pales in comparison. Today, women hold 35 of the 120 New Jersey legislative seats, which is just 29.2%. It is more important than ever to endorse and support these women candidates” said Weiner.

"We are committed to women candidates whose platforms are consistent with our mission regardless of party affiliation. We are extraordinarily proud of all the women here today, Democrats, Republicans and Independents standing and working together for the benefit of every citizen of New Jersey.", said Weiner.

"The women endorsed today include thirty Democrats, three Republicans and three Independents. Twenty-five of them are incumbents, while eleven are challengers. We are proud to support this diverse group of talented women, who are ready to represent all New Jersey citizens with their unique perspectives," said Weiner.

Women's Political Caucus Political Action Committee has made contributions to candidates in the 2013 election cycle.

A complete list of the endorsed candidates is below.

Candidates Receiving Endorsement of Women's Political Caucus of NJ

*signifies incumbent

Celeste M. Riley (D)* – District 3, Assembly
Gabriela Mosquera (D)* – District 4, Assembly
Pamela R. Lampitt (D)* – District 6, Assembly
Diane Allen (R)* – District 7, Senate
Susan Kane (D) – District 10, Assembly
Amber Gesslin (D) – District 10, Assembly
Diane Binder (I) – District 12, Assembly
Allison Friedman (D) – District 13, Assembly
Linda R. Greenstein (D)* – District 14, Senate
Shirley K. Turner (D)* – District 15, Senate
Bonnie Watson Coleman (D)* – District 15, Assembly
Marie Corfield (D) – District 16, Assembly
Ida Ochoteco (D) – District 16, Assembly
Nancy Pinkin (D) – District 18, Assembly
Annette Quijano (D)* – District 20, Assembly
Nancy Munoz (R)* – District 21, Assembly
Linda Stender (D)* – District 22, Assembly
Rebecca Feldman (I) – District 25, Assembly
Maureen Castriotta (I) – District 25, Senate
Avery Ann Hart (D) – District 26, Senate
Mila M. Jasey (D)* – District 27, Assembly
Cleopatra G. Tucker (D)* – District 28, Assembly
M. Teresa Ruiz (D)* – District 29, Senate
L. Grace Spencer (D)* – District 29, Assembly
Eliana Pintor Matin (D)* – District 29, Assembly
Sandra Bolden Cunningham (D)* – District 31, Senate
Angelica Jimenez (D)* – District 32, Assembly
Nia H. Gill (D)* – District 34, Senate
Sheila Oliver (D)* – District 34, Assembly
Nellie Pou (D)* – District 35, Assembly
Shavonda Sumter* (D) – District 35, Assembly
Marlene Caride* (D) – District 35, Assembly
Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D)* – District 37, Assembly
Loretta Weinberg (D)* – District 37, Assembly
Holly Schepisi (R)* – District 39, Assembly
Jan Bidwell (D) – District 39, Senate 

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