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Women's Political Caucus of Welcomes Commissioner Velez to its Annual Meeting; Elects New Executive Board and Board Members

The Women's Political Caucus of New Jersey (WPCNJ) held its 41st annual meeting last night and welcomed New Jersey Department of Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Velez.  Commissioner Velez graciously shared her experience and said, "We exceed at what we do when we love what we do."

WPCNJ also elected the 2014-2015 WPCNJ Executive Board and at large board members. Michel M. Bitritto, Ph.D was sworn in as President. Bitritto is a long-time board member who most recently served as WPCNJ Vice President for Membership and was formerly President of the WPCNJ Union County chapter.

Bitritto remarked, "It is truly an honor to be elected as the President of Women's Political Caucus of New Jersey.  I am committed to working with this remarkable group of Board Members to focus on building a high level, bi-partisan network of women to see more women elected and appointed to office and leadership positions across the State."

Grace Strom Power, Esq., who most recently served as WPCNJ PAC Chair and Co-Chair for Communications, was selected as the Vice President for Membership.  Alexandra Hill, Esq., was elected as the new PAC Chair.  Chrissy Buteas, Dianna Geist, Scarlett Rajski and Pam Yuen were reelected to their current positions as Vice President of Finance, Secretary, Treasurer and PAC Treasurer, respectively.

 "Our 2014-2015 Board reflects our commitment to supporting women with diverse political backgrounds, both Republicans and Democrats. Including women from across the political spectrum is the key to our future success, and we are well on our way with this fantastic group of women.  I would also like to thank outgoing President Liz Murray for her leadership and look forward to her continued presence on the Board as the past President," said Bitritto.

 The Board also welcomed newly elected at large Board members who will serve a three year term: Deborah Hurley, Jennie Lamon-Mullen, Lisa Mizrahi Kaado, Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq., Retha Onitiri, Annabel Pierce, Helen Pirrello, Kelly Stewart Maer and Tonya Woodland.  

 2014 WPCNJ Board Members

 Executive Board:

President                       Michel Bitritto, Ph.D
VP of Finance                 Chrissy Buteas                    
VP of Membership          Grace Strom Power, Esq.
Secretary                      Dianna Geist
Treasurer                      Scarlett Rajski
PAC Chair                     Alexandra Hill, Esq.
PAC Treasurer               Pam Yuen

 Board At Large:

Rosemary Bernardi
Zulima Farber, Esq.
Jeanne Fox, Esq.
Mary Giovinazzo
Deborah Hurley*
Lisa Mizrahi Kaado*
Janice Kovach
Jennie Lamon-Mullen*
Jeannine LaRue
Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq.*
Elizabeth Murray
Retha Onitiri*
Annabel Pierce*
Helen Pirrello*
Kelly Stewart Maer*
Eileen Thornton
Shari Weiner, Esq.
Tonya Woodland*

*elected to 2014-2017 term

Board Counsel

Rebecca Moll-Freed, Esq.

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