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WPCNJ To Honor Murray Bevan, Esq., Good Guy Award Recipient

Women's Political Caucus of New Jersey
Murray E. Bevan, Esq. 
Founding Shareholder, Bevan, Mosca & Giuditta, P.C.
 Good Guy Award  

Murray has a long history of supporting and cultivating diversity in the legal profession.  More than a decade ago, Murray, along with his partners Bill Mosca and Rich Giuditta, founded the law firm Bevan, Mosca & Giuditta.  Women have been an important part of the firm's success right from the start.  

Over the last ten years, Murray has actively recruited, hired, empowered, promoted and retained female lawyers within his firm. He has supported family leaves, medical leaves and flexible work schedules for employees when requested and when necessary, ensuring that that all his employees can balance work and family while serving in leadership roles at BMG and beyond. One of the exceptional efforts that Murray has made within BMG is to establish integrated and enhanced technological offerings that enable employees to work seamlessly in or out of the office. This has allowed the firm to increase workplace flexibility without compromising productivity.

Murray recognizes that helping employees to navigate their personal and professional
responsibilities is a sound business practice, providing alternatives that enable professionals to put forth their best work. It has proven to be a win-win strategy for the firm and the women who work there: a flexible work environment and infrastructure enables women at BMG to create and grow a strong, sustainable legal practice that contributes positively to the economic success of the law firm. Flexible work arrangement policies at BMG benefit the firm and all its employees -- without sacrificing merit-based compensation or professional growth opportunities for women at the firm. Murray has an authentic conviction that women can achieve the same success as their male colleagues, and he puts actions behind his personal convictions. 

Murray has also devoted a great deal of time and attention to help form and build the Hope Autism Foundation. Hope Autism is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and sponsoring community resources for adults with autism, and its goal is to help adults with autism to live productive, meaningful lives so they can become part of their local communities. Murray believes that everyone should be able to live with dignity, and his work with Hope Autism is just one more example of his sense of fairness.  Murray also supports his colleagues working pro-bono on women's anti-violence initiatives with a local organization (Partners for Women and Justice).  

In addition to his advocacy efforts for state and national trade associations, he also serves as counsel providing these groups with legal advice and assistance on non-profit law, matters of governance, board members roles and responsibilities, annual convention and trade show negotiations and contract review.

Murray has served in a variety of positions both in and out of government prior to entering the private practice of law. He was the Vice President of Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs for the New Jersey Hospital Association and served a six year term with the New Jersey BPU. During that time, he was Chief of Staff to Board President, Christine Todd Whitman, a former Governor of New Jersey and only female to date. Mr. Bevan also worked for the Counsel's Office of former Governor Tom Kean.

Unquestionably, Murray is a "good guy." He is thoroughly deserving of this distinguished Good Guy award.
February 8, 2018
Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
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