Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey Supports Bill to Expand Health Coverage for Reproductive Health Services

Trenton — Today, the Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey (WPCNJ) announces its support for bill S3452, a critical legislative initiative aimed at advancing women’s reproductive health care rights. This bill seeks to expand health insurance and Medicaid coverage for essential reproductive health services, ensuring comprehensive access for all individuals.

S3452 also includes provisions to prohibit adverse actions by medical malpractice insurers against healthcare providers delivering these vital services. This safeguard is crucial in protecting healthcare professionals and ensuring uninterrupted access to reproductive health care options.

“WPCNJ applauds Senator Ruiz for introducing this bill and we’re proud to endorse S3452” said Eileen Kean, President of the Women’s Political Caucus. “This legislation is a significant step towards achieving equitable healthcare access and reproductive rights for women across New Jersey.”