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WPCNJ Expresses Gratitude and Congratulations to Senator Loretta Weinberg on her Retirement

For the women who choose to serve, work and volunteer in the volatile world that is New Jersey politics - a field dominated and controlled mostly by men – Senator Loretta Weinberg has been our fiercest advocate, our source of inspiration, our conscience, and our consummate role model.
The Senator’s ability to amplify women’s voices in the political process and to elevate women to serve in meaningful leadership roles has never wavered. Indeed, the footing we rely upon in advancing women’s issues today is a direct result of her longtime efforts to stand up for the most marginalized in our society.  When leaders failed to meet this standard, or if they threatened to take us backwards, she has never hesitated to hold them accountable.
Her strong, capable leadership has guided so many women in New Jersey government and politics. She helped us find our voice, pursue our goals and achieve real progress in so many important areas. In a time when family obligations are still disproportionately shouldered by women, she has served as an example of how to balance private lives with public service.
Most importantly, she has taught us that the progress women have achieved is not accidental. It has been hard-fought and earned inch by inch. Today, we recommit ourselves to build upon those achievements and follow her example.
The Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey sincerely thanks Senator Weinberg for the vital work she has performed throughout her distinguished career, and for being a source of inspiration and support for current and future women leaders.
Your physical presence will be profoundly missed, but we promise you that your legacy will carry on. We wish you all the best in your retirement and very much hope you will, at least occasionally, continue to hold our feet to the fire.
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