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New Jersey Needs More Women in High-Level Political, Elected and Appointed Positions

Jennifer Mancuso, the President of the Women's Political Caucus of New Jersey (WPCNJ), testified on Wednesday during the Workgroup on Harassment, Misogyny and Sexual Assault in New Jersey Politics hearing.  The committee, lead by Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver and Senator Loretta Weinberg, met to further discuss sexual harassment and misogyny in New Jersey politics. 
Jennifer was quoted in Insider NJ for stating "sexual harassment is no surprise to any woman in state politics." She discussed that New Jersey needs more elected and appointed women in high-level political positions in government. And the place to start, was to put more women on the state's Reapportionment Commission.
We need to encourage and support more women who are willing to serve in positions of power, and we must hold our current leaders accountable when they do not facilitate that objective. Right now, both the Democratic and Republican Party have a chance to show that they are serious about changing current culture - which shapes what happens in private conversations
and more intimate interactions - and that they are willing to do something about ensuring
women and other marginalized groups are better represented, better supported and better
One of the WPCNJ's core objectives is to increase the number of elected and appointed women in office. It's clear achieving that goal requires working to remove barriers that hinder women from getting involved, or staying involved, in politics. New Jersey needs to do a better job supporting and promoting women's political leadership.
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